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Ha; I know! I was kind of worried about it when the news first came out... flash-forward to now, when I have a way of keeping the name I was worried about, AND I'll get to be on the same server as (most of) you guys, and now I'm really excited!!

Quinn: As am I. *waves flag* Hurrah.

Theron: Wow. If this is your "excited" face, I don't want to see your "depressed" face.
Quinn: *conspiratorial whisper* Actually, I am looking forward to the server merge. I've grown rather fond of the crazy band of Quinnmancers. I only act unenthusiastic to keep up the reputation I've gotten. ...get that look out of your eyes, Theron. Tell anyone, and I'll--
Theron: HEY EVERYONE, QUINN'S EXCITED ABOUT THE-- *urk* *cough* *is being strangled by Quinn* haha i was just kidding...letmegoicantbreathe...
The Empire's Wrath approves Ah Quinn you make me so proud when you do that. Sorry Theron, I'm sure you'll be fine

Even though we still won't all be on the same server, there's no reason we can't, like, visit, right? Because there's the guild on .. was it TRE? where the rest of us are and I can't remember what server that one is going to merge into~