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Gee I'm actually excited about the merge, go figure? Didn't think I'd care.
Ha; I know! I was kind of worried about it when the news first came out... flash-forward to now, when I have a way of keeping the name I was worried about, AND I'll get to be on the same server as (most of) you guys, and now I'm really excited!!

Quinn: As am I. *waves flag* Hurrah.

Theron: Wow. If this is your "excited" face, I don't want to see your "depressed" face.
Quinn: *conspiratorial whisper* Actually, I am looking forward to the server merge. I've grown rather fond of the crazy band of Quinnmancers. I only act unenthusiastic to keep up the reputation I've gotten. ...get that look out of your eyes, Theron. Tell anyone, and I'll--
Theron: HEY EVERYONE, QUINN'S EXCITED ABOUT THE-- *urk* *cough* *is being strangled by Quinn* haha i was just kidding...letmegoicantbreathe...
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