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Not so much weird as "ahole-like."

So, EH, BH BG, 70 MM GF, AoT.
Ebon Hawk, Bounty Hunter, Bodyguard, Level 70, Master Mode Group Finder, Assault on Tython
All other 70s. Tank is Jugg. No stealth. Both dps and I run to the first bridge after going around mobs and wait for tank. Tank aggros group way back at beginning. So, we run back around and toward tank who's at half health. Save day, get back to bridge and tank asks why aren't we stealthing it. So one of the dps tries to go behind but aggros... whatever we get through it and the other objectives, power cores or whatever.

They run to the side on the right and I type: "recommend clearing trash." Hesitantly the tank finally engages and we clear that front group. The tank then types:

"Just had a migraine and the grenades are killing me," or something like that. I'm guessing they're talking about my green kolto missiles. Tank jumps boss and we start fight. Not easy, but doable. After first add group tank is gone and boss is gone. The other 3 of us are just standing on the deck. Then boss rappels back in and we realize tank was thrown and boss reset.

Tank types again: " Grenades are really killing me." Ok so let me understand this. You get migraines. Video game visuals make them worse so you log in... choose MM GF FP and then complain to the group that we shouldn't use the skills we know to get the job done? Rich!

So at this point, instead of just leaving... the tank starts the fight again... and then immediately leaves the group. You sir are the epitome of the title of A-hat!
There is a product called "grenade" and what they are are hyper caffeinated pills that helps keep people awake for extended periods of time. It could just be those