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10.06.2017 , 12:16 PM | #6085
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Which server did you make the character on? If it is Pot5 Emmynn Quinn will be who you will need to whisper. I work today until 8:30 so I won't be on until later. Right now the guild is called The Sindicate (yes it is spelled that way on purpose). But after the merger Nightfrogger has so graciously offered a rename token so we can change the name to Quinnmancers.
Ah, nightfrogger is wonderful and mortifyingly generous I'm on Shadowlands, my new warrior is ready any old time, before or after merge. I'm online here and there throughout the day and evening, est. Maybe I could throw my clone (name is Litrik if you see him) in there too at some point, seems like that's where he'd belong. Speaking of my clone, he's afk on Nar Shadaa right now and someone has been ogling him and his companion for quite awhile..

Gee I'm actually excited about the merge, go figure? Didn't think I'd care.