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I just got my first mount tonight in GW2 (Raptor). The movement, mechanics and animations for it are amazing. I spent all night exploring and jumping to amazing places, but the whole time I kept thinking, this is what my Rancor or Tauntan should be like. My partner and I spent hours exploring on them tonight and I think every minute I was muttering how awesome it would be if my mounts were like this in swtor.
Anyway, I got side tracked talking about my new mount, oops. Sorry.
Don't apologise. I agree, the mounts are great. The Springer is a bit narrow in what it's for (big huge vertical leaps), but if you need that, you need it. The Skimmer, though, is epic. it floats above the ground, skims over water, quicksand, and other nastiness, and if you ride it off a cliff, neither it nor you take any damage when you reach the ground(1). And it skids like a hovercraft would if you turn hard while riding it.

But yeah, SWTOR mounts seem a little feeble by comparison.
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