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Honestly, I should just direct you towards the FAQ, but in this specific case assuming you are both subscribers and you are getting merged to the same server, the person with the most playtime will get to keep the name while yours will be something random that you will be able to change.

I ask you to read the FAQ, Bioware was aware that there would be multiple questions about this and it's all outlined in simple English in the FAQ with examples as well as the rules.
They're both my characters. I didn't like the playstyle of one, so I started a new character with the opposite advanced class, and the same name and appearance, on another server. This new character is the level 70 with much more play-time logged to it. I'm just worried about losing that one's name; I have a list of alternate names in hand in case my other characters are forced to change their names, but for that lone character, there are no alternate names that I'd feel okay with changing it to.

I have read the FAQ. I was concerned that I misread or missed something altogether (that happens a lot...I tend to read way too fast, form opinions based on incomplete knowledge, and then get horribly confused when the correct information is pointed out to me. In short, I'm a dunce. XD). Thanks for answering the question, though! I feel a bit better about keeping my character's name.

So, in short - once the servers merge, my higher-level alt keeps his name while my lower-level alt with the same name loses his? Sounds perfect to me.
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