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what if said alt is level 30-something, with the same name as a level 70 (level 70 has much more play-time and achievements to its legacy, etc.) on a different server that'll get merged?
The alt would lose the name to the Level 70 character.

And if that's the case, then the player will just rename and delete the alt after the merge. In practical terms, this is really no different from deleting the alt now.

But suppose that the alt is Level 30, and there's a Level 20 character, with the same name, but less play time, on the servers being merged.

The player was planning to delete this alt, no matter what happens. But the difference is this :

If the player deletes the alt now, then that Level 20 character will get to keep the name permanently.

But if the player waits until after the merge to delete the alt, then he/she can keep the name, and then give the name to a main who has lost his/her name.

That's how the players are reasoning it, anyway.


There is a caveat to these players' plan. When you delete the alt, you have to IMMEDIATELY rename one of your main characters with that alt's name.

Otherwise ... If you delete the alt, and then another player happens to create or rename a character with that alt's name before you rename one of your mains with it, then the opportunity will be lost.