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10.06.2017 , 11:14 AM | #13
Begeren certainly took some hits lately. Queue times are indeed one way to measure this, but I'd like to point out that, on Begeren, it's possible, on either faction, to queue with both a tank and a healer together for a HM FP and simply not get a pop within an hour.

That said, it's not always that bad, and I certainly wouldn't call the server dead, but it's far from an example of a healthy population too.

I completed DvL Eternal Tier on every North American server except for Bastion (could idle for weeks waiting for pops, could just not get to valor 5 at all), and I thought the nature of that 'event' made it very useful for comparing server viability, and while Begeren was never the biggest server out there, and while it got a bunch smaller over the years, the difference in difficulty between being able to complete DvL objectives on the biggest servers compared to Begeren was significantly less than the difference between Begeren and the former pvp servers.

That said, I'll be very relieved if I'd be able to queue for HM FPs again by myself and actually get a pop, because right now, regardless of my role, I need at least one guildie along to have a reasonable chance within a reasonable time, on Begeren.

So I guess I hope the OP's sentiment is not too prevalent....