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10.06.2017 , 11:06 AM | #54
Roleplayers can make their own channel on the new servers (which can be password protected), it's not gonna be possible to RP in General/PvP and Trade, both since it interrupts others and since the RP will just fall between the chairs as the population who does it is already small. I think the key here isn't that new servers should be accommodated to roleplayers, I think most of us agree that we rather see roleplayers on their own servers, but in this case that is not how things will be and thus the roleplayers have to adapt to fit in with the majority of the player base.

It's gonna be a give and take, if roleplayers are not able to make sacrifices and adjust how they play, they shouldn't expect the vast majority of the player base to adjust for the roleplayers.

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