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Depends on the group. If it is a group of roleplayers, then yea they can but if it just a couple of roleplayers and couple non-roleplayers the roleplayers for the most part will not roleplay because of the non roleplayers in the group in case the non roleplayers are in a hurry to finish the flashpoint. Roleplayers on a whole are a bit more respective to other groups.
Makes sense!

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Hey, I used to do same thing on Progenitor some 2 or 3 years ago. In FP and in Heroics. Mostly worked.
I mean I just stayed IC and commented some things IC. Mostly people kinda joined in with their comments.

If I got a group that just silently speed ran the FP, and/or told me to shut up, I usually left the group. No fun for me with them, and no fun for them with me
Ahh I see. Well I didn't want to bother anyone so I stopped when they asked me to!
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