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I suppose people these days do not understand words like nuance and gradation anymore. The short version is that if you say you want something to be less white, you are not asking for it to be black.

Aside from that, my view is that it is good to have a little challenge. As I explained I liked the experience much better now that I make sure that my character stays on level. That works for 99% of the content but I find the boss fights still extremely underwhelming.

Of course you guys make the assumption then that I want to make it more difficult for everyone. This is a false assumption. The good thing is that these story bosses are mostly, if not all, instanced. So my only change that I would suggest is a HM version of a list of instanced story bosses with the choice for people to turn that on or off. Defaulted to off of course.

I really don't think it's right that I have to send my companion away or set them to passive AND strip down naked to get challenge out of a Dark Council member. Sorry, that goes too far for me.

I do understand that some people like to roflstomp everything. I do not share that view but I get that some people like that. But my solution won't hurt the roflstompers. For the rest nerfing classes and me making sure I'm never overleveled are enough.

Also my definition of the beginning story is the starter planet. Not the level 1-50 story.
It is very simple. The devs cannot change the difficulty of content just for you. It really is not all about you. Show a little bit of responsibility for your self and edit your own experience to your liking. You are like the guy that goes to the resteraunt and demands that the chef add salt to every dish for all customers because you like salt. You can add it yourself easily, but you insist that the chef give it to everyone because you are too lazy to do it yourself. show a bit of initiative and deal with it.