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3 Reasons:

#1. Server transfers will not be available right away after Nov 8th and they are not sure how long they will be offline. They are guessing at least 1 week at this time.

#2. 90cc per toon means absolutely nothing to me when it comes to improving game quality for me.

#3. After the disgusting experience I have had dealing with the most toxic environment I have ever seen (Harbinger) I have made a conscience decision to ride the east coast till the end. I would rather quit the game than continue one more day dealing with the polluted and disgusting toxicity known as Harbinger.
I'm not sure how long the "escape" from the toxic cesspool of Harbinger will last.

I fully expect that the Star Forge will have a substantially higher population than Satele Shan, and that much of the Harbinger detritus will be transferring to Satele Shan, causing that server to become a toxic cesspool and leading to much more bullying, griefing trolling of "those pesky" RP'ers.