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I did some research tonight regarding my toon names and found some interesting results. (I am a casual player that has been subbed continuously since launch)
I have 18 characters currently on my main server, which is about to be merged with 2 others. I looked at the other servers and found out of my 18 characters,

*8 were completely unique names
*2 had names on 1 other server
*8 had names on all servers

Out of those servers that also shared a name with my server,
*7 have characters below my current character level
*3 have characters at or above my current character level

There was only one case where I had a level 70 character that will merge with another level 70 character. My new mission? Log on to that character all day and all night to boost /played time. Good luck....other dude.
I don't think level has anything to do with it, they said "Highly Played" which indicates to me that it will be based on time played. That probably does lightly correspond to level.