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I'm not sure why it wouldn't work like it does when you xfer from one server to the next though?

IE... if I've added anything to my legacy on TEH and I went to Shadowlands... it usually bumped up any decos I had from TEH and carried them over to Shadowlands. Likewise if I bought and used anything there and took it back-- it increased that number on TEH.

To me, I'd think that'd mean Johnny should get all five of his GTN Kiosks in the example. Not just one.

I hope that's right for the merge-- if not... yeah... that is gonna suck for many people. But I have to think it'd work like regular transfers Unless redundant. IE... you just had one GTN Kiosk and bounced around servers via xfer. Then you'd still only have one GTN Kiosk upon merger.
Decorations have never been additive, at least not in my experience.

Yes, you can end up with more decorations on the "destination server" than you had before the transfer, but the number is based on the highest number of that decoration in either legacy, NOT the total number of that decoration.


If I have 20 basic chairs on server 1 and 2 basic chairs on server 2 and transfer a character from server 1 to server 2, then I have 20 basic chairs on server 2, NOT 22.