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Quote: Originally Posted by Iceslasher View Post
Agent = Kaliyo, Temple Warrior = Vette, Jessa ( light OR Dark) BH = Mako , Inquisitor = Ashara, Trooper = Dorne, Knight = Kira
Consular = Nadia Finally Smuggler your choice of Risha or Akavi.
Agent = havent played this class enough to get a feeling for how the companions are
Warrior = Two girls with a serious case of needing a shrink. One of them even brainwashed
BH = again a simplistic minded person
Inquisitor = havent played this class enough to get a feeling for how the companions are
Trooper = annoying brat who only want to follow rules and can site them probably by hart. I don't see ANY reason why this sounds appealing in a relation ship. Unless you are the type who fancies that sort of stuff
Knight = really? Who know what left inside her mind. I wouldn't trust brainwashed people like that
Consular = serious case of over achievness. Nah ....
Smuggler = Okey, having the possibility to become king sounds nice but erhm. Thats kinda a romance for the money. Not sure if thats your idea of love but hey .... whatever makes you tick right? Akavi. Way to aggressive. Wouldnt want to expose my children to someone like her ever ......

Ohw ..... and just an FYI. Have you ever heard of the world 'lgbtqiap'? This post seems awefully narrowminded to me. (besides the point that a company by definition CAN'T like nor dislike anyone as a company isn't a living breathing organism. But I get what you were meaning to say.)
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