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Should make you happy since the game got harder. I mean, yeah, the rest of us are inconvenienced to the point of giving up, but it's fun for you again, so, all is good, no?
I am happy that the game is less easy. It will definitely be harder in NiM ops and some HM ops but that doesn't affect most players I guess. So your indication of "the rest of us" is clearly exaggerated.

I've always tried to look at the point of view at others so it's disappointing to see you make such flat and incorrect conclusions. I do not expect you to read my whole history but the truth is that I do like it better, but that doesn't mean everybody likes it. I never said that and in fact that is not my view.

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I am still amazed that people consider the server merge a feature and a sign of hope. Gotta hand it to whoever wrote Keith's roadmap, it takes true skill to spin a failure in retaining players into an exciting new feature.
What gives hope with regards to the server merge is two-fold. First of all, a lot of people asked for it and this means they listened to the feedback. These merges are long overdue really.

Secondly, it's not just a server merge. They are buying new hardware to make new servers. That indicates an investment into the game. And that's at least somewhat encouraging.

In fact there are a lot of things happening in this roadmap that are answers to various concerns that have been raised.

If that's not good enough for you, that's fine too.
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