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Pardon me, I should has said "paraphilias" instead of "fetishes", but the second term expressed the gist of the concept well enough and was shorter.

That being said, all fetishes are paraphilias, but not all paraphilias are fetishes. So I did use the term incorrectly.

There are heterophiliacs, homophiliacs, objectophiliacs and many, many more. The first term is in reference to heterosexual behaviors (and in extreme form idealization of such behaviors), the second homosexual, the third sexual interest in specific objects. The list of paraphilias identified in the human species is rather long. There is a reason decades have been devoted to studies and categorization. Orientation is actually far closer to falling under a paraphilical designation than most people would care to admit.

My personal view, whatever one or more consenting adults do on their own time is their business so long as their partner(s) of choice are inanimate or consenting.. I would not say the animate or inanimate status of the person's focus is a reason to invalidate it out of hand.
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