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Would it make sense for my Jedi Consular to be around 7 years old when she was taken by the Jedi? I know it's ultimately up to me but I want things to make sense. She was 17 when she started her adventure on Tython and should be 28 (Not sure if I should count the years in carbonite or not) by the time of the Iokath story. I feel pretty weird about this when I found out how old Nadia is. She is apparently older than my character yet her padawan? Do Jedi even do this type of thing?
Well I mean what age you set for your toon now is up to you, but the Consular has been in training since at least the age of four. The very first conversation, Yuon Par mentions that the PC was stronger in the force at age 4 than she was at 14.
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