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Keith, according to the recaps I've read you stated during the live stream that the daily area CXP will be dropped back to 75 per mission next week, and that you are discussing with the team how you can increase CXP for everything.

My request is simple: Please don't reduce CXP until you have something to substitute it with. The increase in XP has definitely led to me playing the game much more often, visiting areas I haven't seen in a very long time. Given the instance population in these areas, I'm quite certain I'm not the only one. Taking away a reason to play the game without adding a different incentive doesn't seem like a wise decision.
I completely agree.

This far into 5.x, those of us who've wanted to level to 300 on more than one character have done so even without this bug.

What it did for us was make a route that was still grindy, but took enough off of the grind to make it reasonable enough to do another character.

If dailies go back to what they used to be, we'll be left with the CXP sources that were initially used to get to 300, namely running the same FPs, Ops, or other areas of the game like PVP to supplement the process (GSF certainly doesn't pop on my server any longer like it did earlier in the year. That was a good source that is no longer available).

The result is a player that would otherwise end up leveling one or two more characters up like myself just simply won't instead, because I don't want to end up disliking running classic content (the best things in the game, in my opinion). If that happens, I'll end up not enjoying the game any longer.

So, in short, I agree with the OP, that there needs to be an equivalent CXP source as dailies for leveling characters up as we can currently, because we are working on at this point classes that weren't our priorities to gear up.

The legacy boost of 100% instead of 25% is welcome, but it still will only apply to good sources of CXP before the daily bug, i.e. the same things we've been running all year, not dailies. A 100% boost on 75 CXP instead of a 25% boost doesn't really make a difference. Dailies provided something different to do, largely that could be done on your own time as well as a bonus.

Please leave the daily option in place until there's something else we can run that's different from the past for CXP.
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