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The instances referenced here would be content, not the number of people on a planet/fleet/etc...

For example, the Possessed Hunter HEROIC on DK, is not instanced, with a 5 minute respawn on the target. Because some people don't group up, it can take a long time to actually do this.

I can't see them redoing the instances for the Saving Face HEROIC on Corsucant or the Mutations Heroic on Taris because there are already instances tied to those heroics, but they could definitely fix the respawn timer on the enemies.
The planetary instances are there to reduce lag and also to make sure not too many people are fighting over the same objectives.

Regardless of whether or not parts of heroics are instanced, I do believe that part of the solution lies in limiting the amount of people per instance but as I said they are also looking into respawn timers and such on certain heroics and together I hope that will create a better situation.

Ath the same time I don't think the heroics should've become part of endgame as they have. It destroyed the daily areas until the rewards there were accidentally upped there. Now people do dailies again. This is also a drawback of the GC system. The one size fits all approach herds people to where the easy cxp is made and credits second.

They're going to reduce the cost for the Iokath dailies but who cares? Unless they are more rewarding than other dailies or the heroics, nobody's really going to care about them really. I think they'll have to do some event to get people to come to Iokath to try them out again or it's just going to fizzle out again.
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