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10.06.2017 , 09:35 AM | #104
In terms of content, slow burn, build up and over all romance Cullen's is probably the best across all of the bioware games in how it was done. It was really an amazing romance -- I am not talking about Cullen's past which many have issues with but simply how his romance scenes where done and handled in the game and the outcome at the end.. Jaal's comes a close second.

He was kind, considerate, protective, caring and didn't die and for the most part that's what girls wantt out of an in game romance. They went from very very basic flirts in the beginning to slowly building up to more serious flirts over time and eventually romance / relationship.

He didn't betray, cheat or lie. Unlike many other romances we've had to deal with.

As far as actual romance content is concerned -- they need to look at Cullen's romance and use it as a base. There's a reason why it's so popular.

It would also help them to remember in a game like this one where the story is on going -- just because a couple is in a romance doesn't mean they have suddenly forgotten / stopped ever flirting with each other. They could do with a little more then simply a be careful kiss moments before a huge fight.

Something else I like in romances is a kinda bad boy who over time can turn good as he falls for the good girl. So long as everything's upfront from the start. Not stuff like Blackwall where he slept with the inquisitor and THEN she found out his huge secret -- thats so not on, he never should have slept with her until after.