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I see a few comments here about the impact that the server merge will have on available character slots.

If this helps any, the developers are looking into increasing the number of character slots available per server with the merge. From the thread "SWTOR Autumn Roadmap 2017" :

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So say my limit at the moment is 27, and I end up with over 52 characters on one server and I want to make a new one, I have to delete at least 26 toons?? This does not make me happy.
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Totally hear you on this, and it is a fair concern. We are looking at two numbers to potentially increase. First, maximum chars allowed per server (currently 52) and the amount of "default" char slots a sub has (currently 12). Hoping to have some locked down details to share in the next couple of weeks, with the ultimate goal of largely alleviating the issue you presented above.

When I first saw this, my immediate reaction was, "Okay, they're going to increase - or TRY to increase, anyway - the character slots per server, but how much? Increasing the slots by, say, two or three per server isn't really going to help much under these circumstances. In order for it really make a difference here, they'd have to increase the number of slots by a substantial amount."

Eric Musco said they would try to "largely alleviate" the issue. What exactly that means, though, is anybody's guess at this point.
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