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He had every right to be angry. He was being denied the role he queued for. If he wanted to come as dps, I'm sure he would've.
I really dislike queuing for group as a tank. I love playing a tank, but I don't get to practice. There are no longer Heroics for that purpose, SM is a joke for a tank, and VM is becoming that way because no one can be bothered to slow down. I get that everybody wants to BURN, BURN, BURN! FAST, FAST, FAST! SPACEBAR, SPACEBAR, SPACEBAR! But it's frustrating. I'm not going to queue for MM when I haven't learned the fight. It's rare the group will wait for the tank to pull, even if I'm racing to do so. VM always want to blaze through and sneak past everything.

A good example of when the sneaking just becomes obnoxious is Mandalorian Raiders. Everybody always wants to sneak across that bridge, even when we have non-sneaky group members. Inevitably someone falls off the bridge and aggros everything down below, or they aggro the droids at the top anyway. We end up spending longer trying to regroup than had we just cleared the stupid bridge in the first place. Arg.
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