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Y'all screaming about Theron when I'm pretty sure he's playing double agent (again). Well if you're LS that is. I'm pretty sure they will have two different endings with him depending if you're LS or DS.

If you love Theron, then you need to understand this is what he does. Wait for 5.6 and the rest of the story before saying the Devs hate women's LI. You can say treason is not original, it's legit complaint. But knowing Theron is a spy, has always been a spy and will always be a spy, there is a good chance he is doing this to protect you, learn about this organization and then come back to you. Having a big downtime between the story allows it to make it more impactful that him disappearing for a cutscene.

Tbh it's the only traitor that would make sense, it's not like Lana at all to do this, and any other wouldn't have enough access to us to make it work.
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