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You can cast dark heal on the move, you always should. If you're standing still you might as well proc dark infusion and cast it once then cast it again without the proc. But yeah, my point was that sorcs should never stand still unless casting dark infusion which is the only one that can't be instant no matter the proc.
I tend to use Galvanizing Cleanse in regs instead of stun/AoE DR, so that's another instant proc. Not worth it, for me at least, in ranked though. However, Dark Heal can't be cast on the move without a proc from either Revivification, Crushing Darkness or Dark Infusion. Tbh, the only time I ever use it without the proc is to cast a speedboost for someone in Huttball at the very beginning if there is no Predation available, so it's kind of a moot point anyway.