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Quote: Originally Posted by LordFell View Post
It's "only" 96% decorated, because I want it to be natural and attractive, not cluttered.
You've probably already thought of this, but just in case: you can get to 100% fairly easily by hiding pets inside of things -- walls, tables, computer terminals, whatever. I try to always hide my "completion pets" in the same spots so that I can find and remove them later if I need more hooks available.

Quote: Originally Posted by Mewsy View Post
I wish I had more hooks on the Capital SHs to be honest - my DK balcony needs more plants!
I totally agree with you. I'm glad they added more hooks, but I would LOVE it if they increased the limit. Most of all, I wish the limit would increase on Flagships. There is so much space to fill, many rooms look stark!
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