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10.06.2017 , 08:07 AM | #29
And this is why they should've made CM decorations account unlocks like armor, weapons, and mounts, with an interface to purchase additional ones similar to the guild interface.

Unfortunately, there is no way for them to determine how the decoration was purchased or unlocked, so there is no good solution for this.

For example, I made the decision some time after strongholds were released, that CM decorations would be unlocked on my main server, and then a character transferred to any server i was going to play on, so that those same decorations could be unlocked there.

So if you would think a solution such as, they can tell what CM decorations a person has unlocked, and could add those at least for unlocked, well unfortunately my example would show the flaw there. Because if I had 1 spa on my main unlocked, transferred a character to the other servers that will make up Star Forge for example, then after the merge, I would have 5 spas unlocked, even though i did nothing to get the other 4.

I do sympathize with the situation, especially for those decorations from CM packs or bundles.