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Indeed. Glad I'm not alone.

I made my point before, but now I take it one step further:

Imagine your server shall be named after an American president. Could be called Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy... but instead, your server will be called Trump.

Wouldn't you wonder as well what in the heck made them choose Trump of all the presidents?

Malgus is the Trump of the Sith. That includes his big fandom. "Make the Empire great again. - Fans: "Em-pi-re! Em-pi-re!" - Malgus: FAIL!

Dear devs: Tear down this name!

Could the Malgus-server be renamed to "Pazaak"? I cannot imagine anyone who wouldn't be OK with this name.
Thank you, that is actually a very accurate representation. Use a name that has historic relevance instead of just abusing one of the current game NPCs and things are fine.