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10.06.2017 , 07:08 AM | #1
The road map was released and it included four changes that will impact GSF from which so far only one was discussed here. So I thought I might drop in and comment myself to start the discussion.

1) We get a new map. This is the only one disscused so far but it might be the least important of the anounced changes. Still there where some complains that it is "just a TDM". Do you remember not so long ago we were asking for the Denon TDM because the map already existed so it wouldn't take so long to create the map? We got more than that an entire new map where in the future we can ask when we will get Denon TDM and Iokath Domination because the maps already exist so it wouldn't take to many time to develop them. Still some said the would like an entire new game mode instead. To be fair we all can dream however I am happy that the developers deceided to do step 3 and 4 before a new game mode because creating a new game mode while existing problems still persist would eventualey compromised the new game mode. So I am happy that the developers deceided to fix some existing problems first. Still we got a new map and it was not only the adaptation of the existing map but an entire new one, that is more than expected. And after we already have 3 Domination maps and 2 TDM maps and different people like different thinks I also can't argue that it is a TDM and not a Domination map. So in my opinion the developers exeeded my expactation here and I can fully agree why the did and in which order.

2) QoL Updates
Ok this is hard to discuss because we have no details here right now. So I don't know if the developers would consider bug fixes as QoL Updates but the two QoL Updates I would die for are the fixing of the component unselection bug and the mouse cursor disappears when spawning at the end of the game bug. I wasted a lot of gaming time on this two bugs and if they are gone for good that would really update my gaming experience. I am not so high on legacy hangers than some other players at least not without knowing what happens to cases like two different characters have two different builds on the same ship, which one did I get? But after we don't know what will happen here all I can say right now is that i am rooting for the fix of the two mentoined bugs.

3) Now we get to the serious part of the business, the balance changes. Again we have no details yet, and considering they should go live next tuesday I am a little bit disappointed that compared to the class balance chances we didn't get any information in advance what is planed. There was a lot of emphasize in the previouse road map on increased player communication. If you see some comments in the three GSF feedback threads there are some that already started to beleave that they were another pointless exercise of a Bioware anouncement that went nowhere. What did you think how the player reaction would have been if we got the planned GSF changes as early as the class balance changes with a comment that they are a result of the player feedback? If we really getting 9 pages of changes it doesn't look like that this changes were thrown together in a 5 Minute brainstorm session that happend 10 Minutes before the roadmap release. As mentoined with the new game mode comment in the new map section I think the balance changes are more important than a new game mode, because we all know for years where the issues are and that they are part of the frustation that prevented GSF from beeing a greater success. Fixing them definitely is a step in the right direction. But that makes it even more surprising that we didn't get any information that changes will happening earlier than one week in advance and half a week earlier we still don't know how they will look like. Still if done correctly the compleation of the balance changes can free up ressources that could be used elsewhere. Including the development of the game modes that than hopefully could also be enjoyed with now competitive strike fighters. And that is why I fully support that balance changes were addresed first.

4) Server merges
Ok some will now say what server merges have to do with GSF? But we all know that only part of the population playes GSF brinnging them together on fewer servers might be more important to GSF than any chance to GSF itself. If you have followed the server merge discussion you know that Bioware wanted to solve some technical issues first. Reading the server merge announcement Bioware seems confident that they solved all of the issues. Similar to my comment on balancing I do think this will free up developer ressources and it will create an impact when launched. What does a new game mode help you when there are not enough pilots left on your server to get a game? So again I thing Bioware spend there ressources at the right think first. And if tbis turns out like I hope it does it may create the foundation for more things to come.