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My sister and I were talking about this last night. For example, I bought serval items directly off the GNT/cartel market on separate servers but overall I'm going to end up at a net loss because I'm stuck with the cap for my highest number of a given decoration. Yes, I can keep them where they are forever, but that still means I lose them if I accidentally move the decoration or close a stronghold down to get a new one. This is unfair, thankfully most of the one I bought was with in-game credits and I only bought a few bundles of decorations with my cartel coins. I feel bad for players that may have bought more price items, even if they paid with in-game credit as some these decorations cost millions. I would be mad if I bought those Rep decoration bundles, painting bundles, or Christmas one on multiple servers, as these aren't that cheap. Let alone if you paid millions to get a rare decoration on two servers now you only have one of them. I think they need to make sure the system counts how many decorations a person actually has in all their house.
I actually consider myself lucky now despite the 2k coin loss worth of decos I'm expecting.
I had been hunting around various servers for another life day fireplace to put on a server other than where I have 2 already, and in the same set of servers that would be merged together. 25m was too rich for me to buy the fireplace so I held off.

Lucky me.
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