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Glad you're back!

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The bars of my cell melted away and I shamelessly threw myself into his strong arms. "Oh, Quinn," I breathed, "everything's all right now that you're here!" I buried my face in his shoulder. "Just take me away from this horrible place--"
Quinn: Excuse me?
*abruptly wakes up* Wha! Huh! ...uh. Was...was I talking in my sleep...?
Quinn: *staring at me strangely* Yes.
...umm...what did I say?
Quinn: *deadpan expression* I'll spare you the embarrassment.
Thank you...
Quinn: *patented Admiral Malcontent facepalm*
Lol, reminded me of this for some reason

I made a warrior for the guild, the one I babbled about earlier. I gave her a name that should make it easy to remember that she's me. Now who do I talk to? Emmynn Quinn yes? (Wait no, diff server) ..And come to think of it, what's the name of this guild?