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why oh why do you only think in extremes?

What is wrong with keeping it the way it is!? I bet even Keith wouldn't have as many toons at 300 IF it weren't for this bug.
it is still grindy enough to level to 300 IF you want to do other things and maybe have a life & work.
Keith had multiple 300's way before this bug. Same for me.

What's wrong with keeping it the way it is?

A. It's a boring activity (and this is coming from someone with almost 10 300's)
B. It doesn't involve grouping so people who actually like playing with others are left out
C. You don't need it to reach 300 (but they're buffing rates anyway)
D. You don't need command ranks to get decent gear (Legacy transferred mods/enhs, EV+KP HM, Unassembled Components, crafted implants/earpiece/hilt).