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It has me doing dailies. That is is all. If the CxP goes down to 25 or something, the pay out will be too low and it will just be back to grinding hammer station/atthis.

It might a bit too high atm but it should be higher than it was before the big. I get a couple levels doing a flashpoint typically, so getting a level or two knocking out a daily area would be comparable
That's why I said reduce by 25%-33% with player unlocks and consumables you get approx 2500 cxp currently reducing that by a 3rd would give approx 1600 cxp per daily plus once you hit level 300 you will be getting a 100% increase (per the road map) so pre a rank 300 it will grant maybe 2-3 for something like black hole it will jump back to 4-6 once the cxp boost goes to 100%
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