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My plan is to fill up all current servers with missing chars, so that I would get the full 8 x 20 CC grant (per server) for finishing the story missions on the starter planets. I doubt that I am able to achieve this though, because after one new character yesterday, I fell asleep and there are still too many to go.

8 characters on each server + 18 on my main = *mumble, mumble, frown* Um, a lot.

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So, how many characters will you have on each of the three servers after the mergers!
What do you mean, "three servers"? There will be five. And I will have chars on all of them.
Bioware offers a friend referal system which gives referred players a couple of goodies (incl. 7 free days of sub and a neat free inventory slot for every character) and referring players some little shinies and cartel coins.
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