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According to my bank statement my total SWTOR expenses since 2012 is at $3.759,92. I have a problem.
Holy moly.

But then again, if you have the moolah and you enjoy the game, why not.

As to the original question: I don't know my current balance. But I know is that even if I would have enough balance, I refuse to buy one virtual fluff stuff item for 20 or more. That's way too expensive for digital items which will be gone forever once the game is gone. I only buy items from the CM if something is on sale, and not a 10% sale but 75% or 90% only.
Bioware offers a friend referal system which gives referred players a couple of goodies (incl. 7 free days of sub and a neat free inventory slot for every character) and referring players some little shinies and cartel coins.
I would be happy if you choose my referral link to grab your free goodies.