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Neither do I. The only vanilla companion I recall seeing any same-sex flirts with in KOTFE/KOTET was Kaliyo, and she shuts it down pretty quick, as I recall from the video I saw of it. For that matter I don't recall seeing flirts for opposite-sex vanilla companions in KOTFE either.
Iíve heard she was going to be one of those companions you were going to be able to have a same sex relationship with.
The pressure before launch meant they had to change it. But they had already done some of the development for her story and voice recording. So instead of redoing what theyíd already started to do, they left it and then threw in the part where she shuts you down.
If you play through it before that, as if you are trying to romance her, you can see how abrupt it really is and it doesnít feel like itís the way they were building the companion story for Kaliyo. Which is a real shame because I think after that change, the original story for her seemed to have been scrapped and the replacement didnít seem as in-depth or was missing key things.