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but you do realize you will keep all SHs, even if it is over the limit. and if they all come with their decos, you would keep your 5 kiosks. they are not merging all SHs into one. so no, I don't expect any deco to be lost. the only issue that will come into play where you will lose any decos, if you are over the limit of said deco. and that is only if they don't raise the cap on how many each deco you can have
It appears that you do not fully understand what is likely to happen.

Please go back and carefully re-read what has been written, several times, if necessary.

If Johnny now has 5 kiosks that he purchased, spread out over 5 legacies. Each legacy has one kiosk in it's available decorations. When the servers are merged, the new server will show only ONE kiosk available, even though Johnny purchased FIVE of them. Even if all of the kiosks are placed and he has 5 kiosks placed, he can never move any of them or he will lose the first four he tries to move.

I can explain it, and I have done so several times, but I cannot understand it for you.