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Ah the Kinsey studies. They have their good points and their flaws. Let's not place too much emphasis on them as the methodology would not stand up to the standards of "best practices" for research.

As for the fluidity of sexual orientations, that is a matter that has not been thoroughly researched. It may be fluid, but to what degree is unknown. Also, the research indicates that some people "experiment" with relationships other than their "base" orientation, but that does not necessarily indicate a change in orientation.

The "hard" numbers for the USA indicate 97.7% of the US population identify as heterosexual, 1.6% as homosexual and 0.7% as bisexual. That is as of 2014 in the National Health Statistics Reports.

Based on those numbers, putting 20 people in a room and all of them being heterosexual is not unlikely. Make the number 50 and you should find one or two non-heterosexuals in a representative sample and two or three non-heterosexuals in a 100 person group.

But this is a fantasy world, so the numbers for the "real world" have no suzerain here. Thus, for expansions, making all companions equally available to all characters is a logical progression. Some people do seem to find the romance parts of the story-lines to be highly compelling if the forum postings are any guide... Thus a greater number of available options might result in people staying subscribed for longer periods of time and possibly attract more people that are interested in such matters to the game as well. A retroactive change to the non-expansion characters could do the same, but how much work would that be?...and would it be worth the effort? (questions for someone with more knowledge than I, I once coded a tic-tac-toe game and decided I hated writing programs)
The decision by EA to avoid same-sex relationships when the game started had nothing to do with any of the above stats, zero, zilch, nada. It was all about getting through a game launch without having Focus on the Family or the Family Research Council or Pat Robertson rail against Bioware/EA, which subsequently would have made Disney look bad for using a contractor (EA/Bioware) who is sullying children with the hell-spawn taint of homosexuality.
Here's one gay guy saying I'm glad we got past that point and I hope Bioware never creates a game again where they leave off Same-sex relationships at the beginning of their game launch.
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