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Agreed at least now, they already did the surprise betrayal in the form of Quin -.- ( yay us women ) ok the guys never had it but still, its old and used and really taking a romance option and forcing half your player base to be angry while the other half really doesn't care...its sort of a catch 22...the guys would be incensed if you messed with lana but are ok with Theran but visa versa for us women and the same with the LGBTQ community split in the middle. We may not like one or the other being a traitor but are more ok with the one our toons are NOT involved with as opposed to the one they ARE. Making Satele ( influenced by say Marr ) would have made A Lot more sense or a different sith..Idk..Malgus or even OMG Jadus thanks to Satele being opened up to those influences something but Definitely not Theron or Lana!!!!! Damn it. Enough of Romance Companions ( Especially OURS turning on us )
Well, even though I'm not romancing Theron - I'm sad about it. I like him, and I think my character really did consider him to be a close friend and trusted him implicitly. From a gameplay perspective he was one of the characters I'd worked to raise to level 50 influence so he'd be effective in the chapters where he was my companion, and I used him a lot for crafting. From that perspective, I'm personally very disappointed with what they've done with him.

You're right, I'm not sad the way I would be if they messed with my Lana, because she's my love interest - I actually hold back my main and deliberately read spoilers before I do the new content, because I've decided that she will NOT go through any expansion that does something evil to Lana and I will NOT lose that companion. I did that with Iokath and Umbara, and I plan to do the same with the Chiss flashpoint.

But I DO feel very bad for women and men who have lost Theron (temporarily! I'll think positive here!) in this storyline, and I don't think it's right. I saw how much pain was on this board after the traitor was known, and I wanted to give all of you hugs.

The player has been betrayed SO MANY TIMES by now. From vanilla story to Umbara I think I can count more than ten betrayals. And I have to think it's a special kick in the teeth for female Sith Warriors who broke up with Quinn for Theron, and then had Theron betray them in the very next chapter. It's so old and tired and I wish they'd do something else instead of messing with love interests this way.