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Are you sure? If we're just looking at the original companions, we can rule out them being gay or lesbian because of their clear opposite-sex attraction. With the only options being het or bi, it is not statistically ridiculous for all 19 to be heterosexual (according to my understanding of the demographics of sexual orientation). This isn't at all to say there's anything wrong with Bioware's new approach of making non-class romances 100% bi. Whether something's statistically likely isn't necessarily the best measure of whether it's good for an RPG. I am just taking issue with your statistical claim re class companions.
Well, keep in mind that a bi person in an opposite-sex relationship is still bi - if that relationship ends their next partner could be same gender. And people's sexuality *can* be fluid throughout their lives - the Kinsey scale goes from 0-6 (with an extra space outside the numbers for asexuality) and only the very ends of those are "exclusively heterosexual" or "exclusively homosexual." There's been a lot of research done lately on how many women who truly identified as straight in their teens and 20s find themselves identifying as bi or lesbian in their 30s onward.

Point being that if we want to split hairs, the fact that the vanilla companions were in opposite gender relationships in the class stories doesn't necessarily rule out the possibility that some of them could be bi, and it doesn't mean it would be necessarily out of character to make them available to all players in a future expansion.

To the OP, I hear you - bi female player here. I hate Quinn and wanted nothing to do with him, and if the story had allowed my female Sith Warrior to romance Vette or Jaesa she may have jumped at it. Lana Beniko's worth waiting for in SoR onward, IMHO, but it's too bad there aren't other f/f options for some variety (not every bi or L woman in the world is going to love the same companion). Bioware HAS been good about making love interests and flirts open to all players since KOTFE so at least there's been progress.