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So true. Decos are attached to your legacy and if you move around they pick up any you may have added like a sponge.

Example: You move from EH to Shadowlands, now SL has all the decos from both servers.

Now if you are talking about the possibility that you may have to redecorate I can't relate because I often deactivate and reactivate just to start fresh because I usually have five times the decos I started out with in 2013 when strongholds like Tat were new.
Wrong. If you move from EH to Shadowlands now, your number of decorations on Shadowlands will be the higher number of decorations between the two servers. For example, if you have 10 basic chairs on EH and 2 basic chairs on Shadowlands, you will have 10 basic chairs on Shadowlands after the transfer, NOT 12. If you have 20 basic bunks on Shadowlands and 5 on EH, then you will have 20 basic bunks on Shadowlands after the transfer, NOT 25.

Decorations are NOT "additive" when changing servers. If they were, players could just transfer back and forth, increasing their decoration totals, including those rare, expensive ones, with each transfer. Until now, that has not been an issue as the decorations that were on the "origin server" remained on the origin server and thus were not "lost".

When the merge happens, there will be no "origin server" left on which the decorations can "remain", though.