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As far as I understood it, for now the solution is not to pick decorations up, either before or after the merge. That seems to be the only way to keep all the decorations from different legacies.

As per what it says on the blog post:

Meaning, the person with five GTN kiosks on five servers better be completely fine with where those kiosks are placed right now because their owned amount is now one and they only still have the other four because they had been placed during the merge.

Picking one up will make it disappear, simple as that, because as far as the new legacy is concerned, it never existed.

Going back to bioware's example, the person with those legacies has 19 chairs placed, but after the merger they only own 15, so picking one of the 19 up will mean it can never be placed again, because the now owned 15 are still already placed. Meaning that chair seizes to exist.

Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but that is how I understood it.
That is how I understand it as well.

I have to believe this was just an "oversight" by BW and they did not think through all the potential problems associated with strongholds and decorations and the ramifications that merging multiple legacies would have on players' decorations.

I just cannot fathom why BW is willing to cause players to lose decorations they legitimately obtained, including some that likely required real money expenditures.