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this what I think needs adjustment
reflect=5 second activation, 1 minute cool down, no damage cap- utility (gives it 2 extra seconds making it 7).
endure pain=45% increase of health for 20 seconds- (tank would get the same, but 30 second like they still do)
saber ward=instead of 2 seconds of "blade tuning" make it 5, also with cc immunity upon activation for 12 seconds.
enrage defenses= 30 charges with the passive "brawn" granting cc immunity and 20% damage reduction until the end of it's activation or charges.

mad dash= 30 meter distances, with speed increase of 50% for 5 seconds and damage reduction increase by 20%.

this is some ideas that i just came up on the spot, but the purpose of a "JUGGERNAUT" is they're suppose be hard to kill and giving them vanish/stealth would just make a copy/paste of every other class that does it. so giving them passives that give them short period of damage reduction boost and cc immunity would help the dps spec alot in my opinion.
Thanks for the laughs.