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I know that the FAQ says:

"Strongholds and Decorations

Active Strongholds will be unaffected by the United Forces update. If you have Strongholds from more than one Legacy coming together, both will be added to your list. If you have more than one of a specific Stronghold (such as multiple Coruscant Apartments), they will both be retained and accessible. If the combination of the two Strongholds takes you above the cap of six, they will all be retained. However, you cannot activate new Strongholds until you return to a number below the cap.

Decorations are not impacted by the United Forces update. If you have more than one Legacy which are combined as part of the update, you will have access to each decoration equal to the highest decoration among your Legacies. Ex: On the “Skywalker” Legacy you have 4 Basic Metal Chairs, on the Organa Legacy you have 15 Basic Metal Chairs. After the update, you will have a combined Legacy with 15 Basic Metal Chairs. It is possible that you may end up with more decorations placed than you own after the update. If this happens, you cannot place any more of that decoration until you go below your owned value. "

The highlighted part is not necessarily true, though. I think BW did not fully think this through.

The number of decorations available will be determined by the highest number of that decoration on a single legacy, even if every one of those decorations on each legacy were legitimately obtained.


Johnny purchased 5 GTN kiosks, one for each of the 5 servers on which he plays. He places one in his Nar Shadaa stronghold on each of those servers.

The highest number of GTN kiosks he has in any legacy is one, although he purchased 5 of them. If I understand the FAQ correctly, this means that when the servers are merged, he likely will be left with ONE GTN kiosk, not the 5 he purchased.

Another factor that BW may not have considered is what happens if the same hook has a different decoration on each server? Which decoration takes priority?