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I don't think Valkorion is manipulating Theron like he was trying with Outlander. In fact, I don't think he's all that interested in Theron. All of Umbara and now with Chiss, it's all Theron's doing on whatever outcomes he's potentially seeing and wanting to prevent. Or he truly was a sneaky traitor ALL. ALONG. *dun dun duuuuuuun*

All of what Valkorion said on the last chapter, it's one of his mind tricks. Seeding distrust is adding more on the mental mind plate, dividing a person's attention span. Psychologically, this would weaken a person's mind defenses given where the battles take place in Ch 9 of kotET.
That's precisely what I was trying to say: that I think Valkorion's comments in the elevator were just another attempt to mess with the Commander. It's not about Theron (or anyone else in the elevator) at all. It's just Valkorion trying to seed doubt and division in the Commander's mind and confuse them at a critical point, when they're taking the throne.