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I do think it's just a Valkorion mind game to try to distance you from your advisors/friends, especially if the same conversation happens regardless of who is in the elevator with you (L&T or S&A). He wants you to distrust them and perhaps be even more off-guard and conflicted so he can do what he wants in that Chapter.

Valkorion spends the entire length of KOTFE and KOTET trying to mentally manipulate the Commander. The Commander's repeatedly told that they can't succeed without Valkorion's power; etc. and he puts on a very thorough show trying to get the Commander to believe he's their ally. It's just another attempt at manipulation.
I don't think Valkorion is manipulating Theron like he was trying with Outlander. In fact, I don't think he's all that interested in Theron. All of Umbara and now with Chiss, it's all Theron's doing on whatever outcomes he's potentially seeing and wanting to prevent. Or he truly was a sneaky traitor ALL. ALONG. *dun dun duuuuuuun*

All of what Valkorion said on the last chapter, it's one of his mind tricks. Seeding distrust is adding more on the mental mind plate, dividing a person's attention span. Psychologically, this would weaken a person's mind defenses given where the battles take place in Ch 9 of kotET.