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10.05.2017 , 01:48 PM | #30
I am not a role player. However it is my concern that those who are will drop the game all together.

All RP servers (at the very least North American ones) should be merged with Ebon Hawk. PVP instances have shown dedicated server instances are not utilized.

As someone who started out on Shadowlands and still has a main there - griefing will occur. The only reason why Shadowlands and Jedi Covenant are described as "chill" by others is due to their populations declining as Galactic Command wore on.

There is enough population to have a mega-East Coast PVE server and a mega-RP Server for both coasts (Ebon Hawk already hosts APAC role players).

Since Ebon Hawk is near Harbinger-size, many non-RP'ers make their home there due to the server's population size. East Coast players who migrated to Harbinger and Ebon Hawk will migrate to the East Coast Mega Server.

In closing there should be three servers for America:

East Coast Mega Server
West Coast Mega Server
RP Mega Server for East and West Coasts.