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Well, here's my take on that.

IF I were being paid by Bioware to play SWTOR I would have 10 or more CXP 300 toons by now.

But as I HAVE TO PAY for the "privilege" of playing one of the worst MMORPG grinds outside of Korean-Grinders my highest CXP toon is currently at CXP 50 or so. And having opened that many RNG crates and got exactly nothing of any use to my Toon I decided that Bioware were taking the p^%$ and stopped playing.

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Your post is factually incorrect. You don't have to pay. Go to your account options, and click unsubscribe. And, how about you recognize that (despite your disparaging remarks about the game) we are sentient beings who can decide for ourselves.

It's just not that complicated.

Imagine a world where you don't have to pay for things you don't like!

All the REALLY best,