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10.05.2017 , 09:44 AM | #21
I never really appreciate the "I've done it so everyone can do it" type of sentiment.

At the same time I have to say that getting your characters to 300 is neither hard nor's a matter of time played and repetition. So the fight is against boredom not any difficulty in game.

I also am not a fan of this system that basically rewards showing up more than overcoming challenges.

Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge anybody their gear, but I do have a problem with actually achieving something with any difficulty is not appreciated by this reward system.

I took a few months of this year...4 months I think. I have 1 character at 300 and one more at 250 ish. I am just not motivated to care about GC. I could do the GF op 3-4 times in an evening, but I think once is enough because, well, I've done em 100 times already and since SM is completely unchallenging to me, I sometimes actually have situations where I'm healing and my mind wanders off only to snap out of it to remind myself I was actually doing something.

So my progression is slow by my choice. Getting 248 gear is just not even on my radar at the moment. Why would I? 242 is enough and the value of achieving BiS gear has been taken away because any guy can get it with their eyes closed. It's meaningless.

Sure the nerfs came in but for HM it's definitely more than enough and for NiM...well, let's see if I can find a group who wants to do that again that's not a hardcore group (don't care much for that atmosphere). So as long as I don't do too much of it I can enjoy some ops here and there and basically I went back to leveling new characters in the vanilla story.

I could get 300 on all my toons. But really, I just don't really care about it enough to do PvP or wait for RNG to grace me with the right 248 pieces. My 300 toon has one piece so far. Yay?

Getting UCs from disintegration might do the trick. Then I can actually work towards something again. That's the bad thing about RNG gearing like this. There is no plan, it's just waiting on luck. That's not my style.
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