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I disagree that a person who subs the day before can have a chance to bump someone who has been a paying subscriber for years. It isn't fair to those who have been paying all this time. Because if I was F2P and wanted to keep my name then yes I would sub temporarily to do that then un sub. I read somewhere that it goes by days played on a character. But if someone subs at the last minute then they could possibly have more days played.

When the game first launched I created my first character and her name was Cenedra. It is based on a character in David Eddings books. It is my favorite name and one I have used in multiple games. When they decided to merge servers before, we were told that the ones coming to our server would be prompted to change their name if there was a duplicate. My name ended up being prompted to change. I wasnt happy about it and customer service woildnt do anything about it. I had to just deal with it. They screwed up because I was originally on the server and other person coming over should have had to change their name not me. But it's okay. I just rewrote the name differently. Still wasn't thrilled but life goes on... I am concerned that this upcoming merge is going to cause a real cluster f*** because I don't think they have thought through all the possible issues. But again if I have to change names then I will just have to deal with it like before.
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